Termite Baiting Systems

Baiting a termite colony is a process that takes approximately three months. Essentially the baiting procedure involves carrying out a full timber pest inspection of the building(s), placement of a (few) Above Ground bait box on current termite activity. Every four to six weeks, Pest Control Queensland technicians need to inspect the bait box to establish the colony status and replenish the bait. Once the colony begins feeding on the bait they will no longer continue to damage other available timbers. After approximately three months the colony is either eradicated or well on its way out. (The time various on species to species & time of year)

The bait used for termites is completely non-toxic to humans, pets, and other insects in the garden. Unfortunately this provides no on-going protection for the building against future termite colonies. This is where the interception system comes into play. The interception side of the system consists of underground termite monitoring stations (loaded with termite favoured timbers and a termite attractant) every three metres around the external perimeter of the building. These stations are monitored by Pest Control Queensland on a quarterly basis. Should a termite monitoring station become active with termites, the station is baited and the colony eradication process begins.

If you have monitoring stations placed every three metres around the building and Pest Control Queensland is carrying out your monitoring then the manufacturers of the baiting system will pay the first $100,000 worth of repairs should termites breach the system and cause more damage.
Some clear benefits of the Exterra interception and baiting system is that there are no chemicals used in the baiting process, there is a $100,000 timber replacement warranty and the colony is not left underground seeking other routes into the building. Ask about an Exterra Baiting Interception System today.

The choice between baiting and interception or chemical treatment can be difficult. In buildings with many expansion joins in a concrete floor, floors with split levels and other more intricate construction methods baiting becomes a more logical choice very quickly. For buildings with a simple construction method it will generally be more cost effective to carry out a chemical treatment however a baiting and interception system is still considered as better long term protection.
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